Deeply Nourish and Renew - a Spa Day for Your Mind, Heart and Soul

Are You Racing Toward Burnout?

Are you sprinting towards burnout with no brakes in sight?

Feeling Unfulfilled in Your Relationship?

Ever feel like your relationship is a one-way street? A highway where you're doing all the driving?

It's Not Just About a Spa Day

Forget the temporary fixes; it's time for a transformation from the inside out. Picture a spa day for your mind, heart, and soul. This isn't a luxury; it's a necessity for your happiness and the strength of your relationships.

Prioritize Your Self-Care

Here's the hard truth: You can only give as much as you prioritize your own self-care. Neglecting yourself doesn't benefit your marriage, family, or career. It's time to invest in YOU.

Forget the Fluff, It's Time for Real Change

No more fluff or superficial fixes. A mud bath won't cut it when you're facing real issues head-on.

Take 60 Minutes for You

Isn't it time you devoted just 60 minutes to yourself? To be served and nourished?

Invest in Yourself, Reap the Rewards

Invest in yourself, and watch how your marriage, family, team, and bottom line all reap the rewards.

Don't Be the One to Close This Window

For those thinking of closing this window, believing they can't spare the time or energy, listen up. You're the one who needs this the most.

Desire Time for Yourself?

If you're craving that elusive "me time" along with gentle support and a clear path to nourish your mind, heart, and soul, don't wait another second.

Unlock 3 Simple Solutions

Join me in this exclusive Masterclass designed just for you. Learn three simple solutions that will leave you feeling renewed and revitalized, fast!

Only $129 for a Life Transformation

All of this for just $129! Your transformation is worth every penny.

Deeply Nourish and Renew: A Spa Day for Your Mind, Heart, and Soul

Prepare to be empowered.

Your Journey Starts Now

Embrace this opportunity and kickstart your journey towards a more fulfilling life. Don't wait. Act now.

With Love,


What People Are Saying:

Before I came to you to be coached, I felt so trapped by old memories, notions and fear, and it was so easy to go there, but a danger in getting stuck with rage and anger. When I heard you speak at one of our teacher's union events, I resonated with every word you spoke. I knew you were the coach for me, you helped back out of the hole I had dug for myself. Now looking back, I know it was an early grave. But in all of this I got my freedom back and a state of mind that I too could become a warrior and not only survive but begin thriving. I'm so glad I found you!

GL Doherty

I didn't realize the paradigm I was in with negative self-talk, playing out the drama triangle, attracting people and things into my life that didn't serve me. I was judgmental, resentful, and critical of myself and the people around me. I was stuck and depressed. I didn't know there were more possibilities in my life to explore. My energy has changed. I love myself now and radiate that love to others. I feel free and more energetic. All my relationships have changed for the better. I'm leading my life for once. Life is good.

Michelle Klosek

It was an absolute honor and privilege to work with Rebeccah. I walked away from our session as though a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. The way Rebeccah was able to put things into perspective for me, made me feel as though I could finally breathe again. It still feels surreal. Not only did she help me pinpoint pivotal moments throughout my journey, but she created a safe space for me to process and release pain that I had been holding onto and internalizing for many years. With Rebeccah's help, I was able to forgive myself, and I was able to forgive others. Our work together was a truly humbling experience. Thank you, Rebeccah, for you so kindly and gracefully brought me back down to earth, and made me realize that healing is entirely possible.

Elesa Vigil

$129.00 USD

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  • I agree that I am at least 18 years of age.
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