You can have a better day tomorrow. And the next day. And have more good days waiting for you from here on out. 

You are worth it. And the rest of your life is worth it. 

You’ve been hurt.  It’s not fair, I know.  But you can heal. You've been suffering. You can't take it anymore.  We can end your pain together. You think no one will understand.  I understand.  And I can help you. I can help because I have been there, and I recovered. 

As an emotional healing coach, I’ve seen many living with unimaginable pain and have lost any hope of recovery.  As a survivor myself, I have the map to recovery, and I want to share it with you.  It won’t be easy, but you are worth it. 


Own your healing journey. Through live video lessons with me, worksheets and healing methods that will allow for real-life integration. You'll be guided through my five steps, in community, in your private Facebook group, where you also get access to me for weekly Q&A.

This course is for you if you've endured or dealt with traumatic events like: Sexual or physical abuse. Verbal, emotional or mental abuse. Suicide or self-harm disorders. Addiction. Cancer. Marital affairs or divorce. Abortion or adoption uncertainties. Loss of a child or loved one. Or any other unimaginable experience. If you feel stuck or held hostage by your emotional pain that’s keeping you from truly shining your light and becoming the person you're destined to be.

During this 5-week program, you will: 

  • Wake up and become aware, so you can face and lead through whatever has been holding you back.
  • Live in your true power and become fully self-expressed as you learn how to move through overwhelming distress. 
  • Learn how to neutralize the emotional residue of past events so you can feel free. 
  • Reconnect with your spirit so that you can feel like you again. 
  • Create a vision for the future that will have you excited to move forward.
  • Connect with your own healing style. (Yes, there is more than one style of healing!)


Hi, I'm Rebeccah.

I have a Master's degree in Counseling, and I am a nationally board-certified Music Therapist (MT-BC).  I received my training and certification as an Integrative Holistic Coach and Facilitator through Legacy Training International. This intensive program requires the completion of multiple Legacy Seminars and a minimum of 1,500 coaching hours.

“Rebeccah Silence is a truly gifted healer who has helped me expand and transform my life on levels I only ever dreamed of achieving. Rebeccah provided me with a perfect balance of support to heal through the “stuck” and start crushing my goals. Her personal experience, education and genuine connection with me helped, and continue to help, me grow as a successful and empowered business owner, mother and partner. I am forever grateful, Rebeccah!!”

- Mary Beth Beaton, Owner of Evolve Health & Wellness