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Women's Weekend


Women need to feel loved, safe, supported and held. 

When women work together nothing is impossible and creation becomes possible.


"There is nothing more amazing than a fully expressed woman."

-Rebeccah Silence

I created Inspired Results Women's Retreats because I wanted my phenomenal clientele to meet each other.

I had a dream of a community of women loving, leading, and being fully authentic, together. I wanted to see women cheering each other on and holding each other to their greatness.

That is what got created and that is what my team and I deliver in every single women's retreat that we produce.

The miracles have been truly incredible to witness


Erika Mumford | Mom, Financial Comptroller MBA, CPA, CIA


What was my first HEALING IS POSSIBLE Women's Weekend experience like?

"Let me just start by sharing how I even heard about this amazing retreat. It had a little to do with timing, a lot to do with fate and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that we don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

My neighbor Franci Valenzano randomly reached out to me one day last October about something completely unrelated. We had really never even talked that much before...except to exchange hellos. We started talking and connecting and the next thing I knew she was sharing her story with me and telling me about this amazing Women's Weekend and this amazing woman, master coach, and facilitator, Rebeccah Silence. I remember that day like it was yesterday...fairly sure that I always will. We were chatting on messenger at the time. I immediately went to the website inspiredresultscoach.com, paid the registration fee on the spot, and called the phone # to make sure I was registered because the women's weekend was only a few weeks away. I knew something in my life needed to change. Rebeccah answered the phone, said she was meant to talk to me, helped me discover my Inspired Intention and the rest is history.

This one single connection had a huge IMPACT on my life. I have tried to communicate to Franci what she did for me that day but I am still not able to put it into words. I was in a very dark place. I was broken, I had failed at marriage, and I had let my kids down (or so I thought). I felt defeated...like I was failing everywhere in my life and yet I still seemingly had it all. I was so ashamed about the way that I felt. How selfish...I have two amazing children, I was in a new relationship with a man who loved me, I had a great job, a loving family, and great friends. Who was I to be sad about my life?? I should be grateful, right?? That day, Franci quite literally saved my life without even knowing what she was doing.

Afterwards, a little panic set in. I am NOT impulsive. In fact, anyone that knows me knows that I am quite the opposite. I am a planner. On top of that, I am an introvert (yes, that is the truth) that just enrolled for a women's weekend with a bunch of women that I had never met. What had I done?? Enter Annie Pyanoe Evans...who I knew as the Gypsy Pizza Lady ;)...a member of the Inspired Results team whose amazing support led me every step of the way.

I got myself to that retreat and I am thankful for that each and every day of my life. When I walked in and saw all of these other women that seemed to know each other already, I was terrified!!! What did I get myself into?? I kept remembering everything that Franci and Annie had told me. My instincts said run but I decided to stay!

I left that retreat feeling something I hadn't felt in a really long time...HOPE. I had lost myself. Can anyone relate? I had completely forgotten who and what I was and what I even wanted for my life. I didn't even know how to dream anymore. What I learned that weekend was the beginning of the rest of my life. I felt awake and alive...and best of all, I was so thankful that I still had the rest of my life to live.

That's what I want other women to know about my first retreat experience. I have been working with Rebeccah Silence for almost an entire year now and two retreats, a leadership mastery program, and a couples intensive later I have met some amazing, bad ass women and lifelong friends along the way, and I am getting to live my life exactly how I want it."



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