The world needs you healed so you can make your difference.  

Hi, I'm Rebeccah Silence.

As a professional hope dealer, emotional healing life coach, trained counselor, inspirational speaker, and media personality, I have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands via more than twenty years dedicated to the healing of emotions and emotional wellness.

While I had already dedicated my life to my own emotional healing, it wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant in 2014 that I walked the very road map that I would soon create for others. It was out of this experience that I developed the HEALING IS POSSIBLE movement designed for the ones who see how life could be. 

Now, it is time to teach people how to stay in the game of their lives and how to pick up the pieces so that they can live healthy, happy, and free. My goal is to help people see how their unhealed past is impacting their lives and the experiences they are having today. From there you can learn the steps to begin to heal and confront old emotional wounds from the past and learn how to design and clear the way for a healed future. 

My work frees people from depression and anxiety, heals marriages and families, and allows people to live the lives that they’ve always imagined that they could. The darkness is real. So is the light. I believe we can heal from trauma and emotional pain. We can learn how to live the life we want now. 

The mission is healing. The cure is self-responsibility. My promise to you is that HEALING IS POSSIBLE. And it starts with you.





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Group Retreats

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This Emotional Healing Video Course is designed for those that want to start the work on their own. Coming soon.

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Couples Intensives

Couples work is sacred and life changing. Your relationship deserves the best possible support. If you are ready to call it quits, try this first.

If you knowing that you want to move on, a couples intensive will support you both in moving on healed and gracefully. Or, if you are simply ready for deeper connection and more intimacy this is where to go to get it.

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"The tools you have given me are the greatest gift I have ever received" -Kristen

Coaching for Individuals, Couples, Families

Offered to people of all genders. Coaching is available both virtually and in person.

1:1 Coaching

Neutralize past events, heal from trauma, and create a compelling vision for your future that excites & motivates you. 

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Couples Intensives

Fall in love with your partner again (or not). Schedule a free discovery call to can find out if a couples intensive is the next step in your relationship. 

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Emotional Healing for Families

Family coaching is designed to support and enhance the hard work you have already done.

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"What can I say? It really REALLY works. I resisted doing the work with her for as long as I could, but I finally relented and let her help me, and the results are life changing" -Max Gerson


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"My life has taken a 180-degree turn since working with Rebeccah. The life I only dreamed of has become a reality and it's directly correlated with the work I have done with Rebeccah" - Anonymous and Grateful



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