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"You don't have to live tolerating the suffering and pain of past trauma, you can actually heal it."

Rebeccah Silence


Hey I'm Rebeccah!

Emotional Healing Coach

For over 13 years I’ve helped people heal their heartbreak. I am a light worker, some call me a miracle worker. 

I'm a cancer, domestic violence and childhood abuse survivor and I've devoted my life to emotionally healing so that I could use my past to serve. I needed a way to make sense of what I've lived through and now have become a breakthrough coach that can help you change your life forever. 

I can coach you through the impossible and unimaginable pain you carry, into confidence and leadership. I've learned how to be free of my secrets, lies, and past and you can have that too.  I don't know what your personal hell is, but I know you can live beyond survival mode. No more protecting your pain, I’ll show you how to lean into and move through it. 

My goal is for you to feel comfortable in your own skin, live fully expressed and be truly Inspired. 

Legacy Training Certification

Rebeccah received her training and certification as an Integrative Holistic Coach and Facilitator through Legacy Training International. The 6-month program requires the completion of five weekend Legacy Seminars with a minimum of 1,500 coaching hours.


Crisis/Trauma/Breakthrough Coaching
Couples & Relationship Coaching


More About Me


I have a Master's in Counseling and I am a nationally board certified Music Therapist (MT-BC)

I've been a radio personality for over 9 years

I've run 3 marathons

I used to sing opera

I've lived in NY, Vegas, and CO

I have 2 daughters and 2 dogs, divorced my abusive ex-husband and married my dream man

My clients say my super powers are:

Community. Integrity. Intuition. Commitment. Empathetic. Inspiration. Strength. Determination. Listens. Trustworthy. Honest. Open heart. Elicits Greatness. Motivates. Tenacity. Vulnerable. Real. Lives shameless. LOVES.

Rebeccah gives off a vibe of freedom or being free...it gives others hope by being in the same room...especially for women… She has had her own trials and obstacles in her life has never had a reason to lose her fight. Rebeccah sees greatness in others, especially when they can’t recognize it themselves.

"One of the most important ingredients in transformation, healing and personal growth is working with a coach that truly cares. Rebeccah Silence is that coach. She not only has done the "personal growth" work herself, she actively works on her own growth and development while giving to community, her support team and her clients. Because she is driven and has a voice she is also a recognized radio personality that allows her to reach people who may not show up in her office or one of her seminars. When you hire a coach, you want someone who is trained, educated, experienced and gifted. Rebeccah is all of these things. She has a keen intuition and an open heart. Her work with children and families has made her a uniquely talented communications coach. Besides her education, seminar and work experience preparing her as a coach, she is also a certified Legacy Coach specially trained in integrative holistic coaching techniques. Rebeccah is a light for her clients and though she is humble and sweet, don't let her fool you. She insists on integrity, cleaning up messes and being authentic. I am Heather Steele and I recommend you coach with Rebeccah Silence and be inspired to grow your life and live your dreams."

-Heather Steele | Founder of Legacy Training International

Catch me on the radio

Your mental wellness matters. Every Wednesday at 3:20pm & 5:20pm I chat with host Big Poppa on what is possible, what we do have control over, and how you can keep yourself inspired, even now.



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