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Rebeccah Silence grew up in an alcoholic and abusive home.

With the best of intentions, she thought the more she "took it" and stayed "silent," that it would lessen the abuse.

Terrified and frozen, she always knew there had to be a better way.

Though she survived domestic violence, she was left with a damaged self-esteem and self-worth.

She developed anorexia and abused alcohol in the absence of having healing coping skills.

Part of her self-healing attempts included becoming a music therapy intern at a state psychiatric hospital.

She soon discovered many of the patients weren't mentally impaired. 

In fact, most patients merely did not have healing coping skills. It was then she decided to become an expert in human behavior.

She had a dream of a life filled with healthy love and a healed family without a plan.

With a distorted view of healthy relationships and family dynamics, Rebecah's first marriage was doomed to repeat the same heartbreaking results caused by dysfunctional relationship patterns.

Rebeccah found herself a single mom surviving an abusive marriage, working three jobs to create a safe and loving home for her family, and despite her best efforts, she went bankrupt.

Tragedy did not silence Rebeccah.

Rebeccah then became an activity director in a drug and alcohol rehab facility and then worked as a school counselor and counseling coordinator for an entire charter school district.

After she received one-on-one mentoring in the coaching industry and learned the structure of seminar companies, she spent every dime on her growth and skills to become a leading in-demand human behavior specialist.


In the search to find her voice and passion in life, Rebeccah created her dream career as a life coach with her own business.

Finding her voice came as a result of serving the masses on the radio, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners in need. 

Rebeccah's prayers were heard for a loving and happy family when her dream man asked for her hand in her 2nd and forever marriage.

Then, her dream turned into a nightmare with the diagnosis of cancer while pregnant with her 2nd child.

The fight for her life began with her healed self in charge of the mission.

Cancer was a spiritual crisis and seminar that allowed her to meet herself and God.

The practice of emotional healing saved Rebeccah's life, and she was reborn, as was her healthy baby girl. 

She learned the art of co-creating her life with God day in and day out, moment to moment.

Rebeccah let go of codependence developed boundaries, and self-worth.

Finally, she became her own advocate and learned how to connect to her own spirit and inner guidance.

Rebeccah Silence found her voice.



Rebeccah walks her talk as an influencer self-success story.
She is healthier and happier mentally, physically, and spiritually, living a joyful, authentic, and aligned life beyond her wildest dreams.

She has a 20+ year extraordinary career as an expert in human behavior, specializing in family relationships and leadership growth.

She’s a world-class and award-winning Emotional Healing Coach and media personality who has helped hundreds of thousands through her radio programs, podcast shows, and live appearances.

Founded in 2009 by the world's leading trauma recovery expert, Rebeccah Silence, Inspired Results, LLC is an emotional healing and coaching provider offering a variety of programs, seminars, and proven roadmaps to healing. Rebeccah is the published author of Coming Back to Life and the creator of The Emotional Survival Kit Course.


Two decades of Rebeccah working with brave families and dedicated leaders who are committed to exceptional lives prove that Healing is Possible.

Rebeccah Silence has a lifetime of countless client success stories that speak louder than words. 


You can get 100% of the love you want. You can heal through even what may seem impossible in this moment.

Life is precious, and so are you. I promise you that you aren’t bad at love.

You’ve been heartbroken.

You’ve been protecting yourself.

The problem with self-protection is that it guarantees that there’s no way for love to get past your guardedness.

It’s about time for those walls around your heart to come down.

It’s about time you have a brand new, beautiful experience of life, love, relationships, marriage, and family.

People are not broken. Hearts get broken, but people don’t get broken.

Your spirit has survived every trauma, heartbreak, and disappointment.

We are all so much more capable than we realize, and it’s time for you to give yourself some well-overdue happiness.

It is safe to want more.

It is correct to expect good things and to be available to receive all the best that life has to offer you.


The Coach Foundation has identified Rebeccah as one of the premier Life Coaches in the industry.

There is life BEFORE


and there is life AFTER

Healing Couples

We didn't just revive our old relationship; we created a new relationship with new communication strategies based on a deeper understanding and respect for each other.

"My partner and I have been together for 17 years, and we had a good relationship, but something was missing; it felt like there was a growing disconnect and lack of intimacy.

We decided to commit to an Intensive with Rebeccah, and it was a game-changer. We spent two very intense (hence the name) days together, meeting some parts of each other for the first time.

We didn't just revive our old relationship; we created a new relationship with new communication strategies based on a deeper understanding and respect for each other.

Each of us ended the weekend with a new sense of security and freedom in our relationship. We have a renewed commitment to each other and, more importantly, to ourselves and our roles both within and outside of the relationship."

- Melissa Elias

We have tried a lot of things to address our issues over the years. We made more progress with Rebeccah in two days than we have in all these efforts.

"II came to the intensive feeling pretty hopeless about my marriage. We have tried a lot of things to address our issues over the years. We made more progress with Rebeccah in two days than we have in all these efforts. She helped us reconnect emotionally in a way that we had sorely been missing and that reminded me of the best of us. We identified and addressed old wounds and patterns that hold us back individually and as partners. We created a vision for what our marriage and family could be. We have tools for staying this connected, and agreements that will help us navigate challenges and realize our vision. I was so hesitant to do this intensive—worried that it would be a purely emotional experience that would fade; worried that my partner wouldn’t fully engage; worried that there was no new way of addressing our problems. I was wrong on all counts. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough."

- S.E.

I walked away from our session as though a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

It was an absolute honor and privilege to work with Rebeccah.

The way Rebeccah was able to put things into perspective for me, made me feel as though I could finally breathe again. It still feels surreal.

Not only did she help me pinpoint pivotal moments throughout my journey, but she created a safe space for me to process and release pain that I had been holding onto and internalizing for many years.

With Rebeccah's help, I was able to forgive myself, and I was able to forgive others.

Our work together was a truly humbling experience.

Thank you, Rebeccah, for you so kindly and gracefully brought me back down to earth, and made me realize that healing is entirely possible.

- Elesa Vigil

I have learned not to put up with things I normally would allow.

"We started our journey with Rebeccah to help my step-daughter adjust to living with us; we won full custody when she was a teenager. We did everything we could to try to make the transition work for all of us. I truly believe we could not have done this so successfully without Rebeccah's help. Seeing how everything went with my stepdaughter, I decided it was time for me to dig deeper into ME. I attended my first retreat; it was life-changing, to say the least. I continue to work on myself and learn new things with every session.

It's completely made me think differently about life. I now know where my triggers in normal life come from! Although the triggers will probably still be there, I've now figured out a way to not let them affect me the way they used to. I have learned not to put up with things I normally would allow. I come first. This was a tough thing for me. I'm so used to giving all of myself to others. I still give, but not to the point that I hurt myself in the process."

-Heather Delia 

Healing Families

My daughter tells my all the time how happy she is and how much she loves her life now, words I never get tired of hearing!

"My daughter Amanda had been in counseling since she was 12 years old for depression and anger issues. Years went by, and so did different counsellors, 7 all together, but nothing changed. In fact, her behaviors got worse with different medications she was taking. I had to put her in a residential home at 23 because she was now hurting herself and I couldn't be with her all the time. She accused me of giving her up to Residential Treatment.

Rebeccah broke through Amanda's defenses, got her talking about the past and gave her coping methods to help her deal with her emotions.

My daughter went from living in a 24-hour residential home to living in her own apartment. She has a job she loves and the independence to come and go as she pleases. She has given speeches telling her success story, won an achievement award and, with the help of Rebeccah, written a book entitled "I Chose Happiness." She worked hard to achieve her goals with Rebeccah helping her but also holding her accountable for her actions.

My life also changed dramatically. I never felt I needed counseling until I started opening up with Rebeccah. As a result, I had the courage to leave a job I had been at for 30 years. I was in a very toxic environment that was literally killing me. I now have a wonderful job working with great people who appreciate what I have to offer. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer - a complete shock, I have always been very healthy!

Rebeccah was there for me whenever I needed her. During surgery, chemo and radiation I knew she would be there for me. To this day she has been there for both of us. I am happy to say that both Amanda and I are happy and healthy both mentally and physically thanks to Rebeccah!

Thank you, Rebeccah for reaching Amanda when no one else could, for your unconditional support through the really tough times and the good times and for always being there with words of encouragement and love for both of us!

We love you so much!"

-Ann Lee Jeffreys

I sincerely believe that I would not be where I am today, living the life of my dreams, if I didn’t have the courage to pick up the phone and call her all those years ago.

"I found Rebeccah 7 years ago at a very low and sad point in my life. I felt sad, depressed and stuck.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think I could do anything. I spent my childhood watching and learning that you just had to deal with it. Deal with the sadness and the feeling of not having any control over your life. Dealing with your situation because you had children and you didn’t want to hurt anybody. And blaming other people for your suffering.

And then I heard Rebeccah on the radio. What she said was so different from anything I ever heard before, so I made an appointment to see her.

I’ll never forget my first visit with her….it was the first time anybody ever held me accountable for where I was in my life. Man, that was a tough thing to hear! But, I kept going back to her.

I learned to stop pointing my finger and blaming others for my suffering. I’ve learned that I can have my life exactly how I want it and I can have rich and meaningful relationships.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to tolerate ANYTHING ever again.

I’ve been with Rebeccah for 7 years now. I have attended multiple retreats and coach with her on a steady basis. My life looks completely different now. I have a thriving business, I’m engaged to the love of my life, my relationships with my children are stronger than ever, and I have a tribe of women who always have my back.

I did the work, but she gave me the space, the tools and the unconditional love to be the real me with her. I’m so grateful that I have her in my life.

I sincerely believe that I would not be where I am today, living the life of my dreams, if I didn’t have the courage to pick up the phone and call her all those years ago.

Thank you, Rebeccah, for all you do."

- Ann Evans

It was a tremendous honor to be supported and upheld in that way, and the POWERFUL affirming energy of that space carried me through another tough oncology appointment the next day!

"Rebeccah, THANK YOU for seeing, hearing, and welcoming me to share my journey with your beloved Healing is Possible community!

I walked into my appointment with full confidence to challenge formalities and initiate difficult discourse that pushed the doctors out of their comfort zones. And though I was denied at first, they finally agreed on a 'compromise' to meet my request for personalized/individualized cancer treatment.

Thankfully though, no compromise was needed!

I moved on and met with Oncologist #5, who immediately suggested a custom treatment plan upfront that had never been offered before.

Healing is Possible is a wonderfully sacred reminder of our innate power...

It is an invaluable container for anyone with the audacity to believe they can have the new life they deserve!!!!"

- Toy Holmes

If you want to heal and launch your life, then Rebeccah is your coach.

"I am honored to recommend Rebeccah Silence.

She has supported transformation in my life in many ways. I met Rebeccah by chance and decided to go to one of her Women’s Weekends.

I had the first breakthrough of my life, and I was changed forever.

The freedom that Rebeccah facilitated continued to show up in my life ever since. Rebeccah coached me in healing grief around my mom's passing, launching a new business, leaving the corporate world, and so much more.

Rebeccah was the catalyst for me to create multiple businesses, becoming an Integrative Holistic Life Coach, and grow closer to who I was meant to be.

I had never met someone that was so committed to growth and possibility. If you want to heal and launch your life, then Rebeccah is your coach.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Rebeccah for your love, support, and sharing your gifts with us all."

-Angela Johnson

Healing Individuals

I feel "reborn" and believe anything is possible for me!

"Two and a half years ago, I found myself numb and disconnected with myself, my life and everyone in it. I had a job, owned a house, had many supportive relationships in my life, but I knew something was lacking. I heard Rebeccah on Confession Tuesday and decided to contact her. I figured I would try life coaching as nothing I was doing seemed to be working in my life.

My life has taken a 180-degree turn since working with Rebeccah. The life I only dreamed of has become a reality and it's directly correlated with the work I have done with Rebeccah.

For the first time in my life, I am not afraid. I have re-created myself though acquired leadership and communication skills. Through this work I became empowered to apply to a Harvard Doctoral program. Once a fantasy, attending Harvard is now a possibility. I am now debt-free with a thriving savings account balance. I've been accepted into a holistic life coaching program. My mental and physical well-being are at an all time best. Meditation and gratitude now embellish my "new life story" as opposed to my "old life story" of fear, guilt, shame and resentment. I have a loving relationship with my significant other. I received a promotion. I have more self confidence and the strategies and tools to handle whatever comes my way. I feel "reborn" and believe anything is possible for me.

My once timid and unhappy self has been revamped into someone who can have it all. Co-workers, friends, and family notice the new me and ask what I have been doing differently. I attribute it to the work I have done with Rebeccah. She continues to challenge and support me in achieving my highest self."

- A grateful client

I cried and screamed for weeks but I now understand I couldn’t heal until I was able, unapologetically, to release the pain I had been carrying for years.

"I have been working with Rebeccah Silence for 7 years. I was in a very dark place trying to understand and adjust to the end of my 40 year marriage. Rebeccah provided a safe place allowing me to express all my feelings with no judgement.

I cried and screamed for weeks but I now understand I couldn’t heal until I was able, unapologetically, to release the pain I had been carrying for years.

Rebeccah offered tools to help me slowly let go of the power I had freely given to my ex. I began to take my own power back and rediscovered the woman I had been hiding. I had denied my wants for years.

How freeing it was to dig deep with Rebeccah’s encouragement and remember my personal dreams. Rebeccah guided me during many break throughs along the way allowing me to tear down the walls I had built to protect myself.

Together we tore down those walls brick by brick. It is hard to think where my life would be right now if I hadn’t met Rebeccah.

I do know I have a much clearer vision of who I really am and to once again love myself. I have learned the true meaning of commitment, gratitude, love and vision and I try to incorporate this new understanding in my daily life.

I continue to learn more and more everyday.

Something good always comes out of every tragedy or heartbreak. Rebeccah will help clear the way for you to find it."

-Sandy Scholl

My life was forever changed, by the solid support and unconditional love of Rebeccah.

"As I am driving on my way to work one day, I turn on the radio, and hear a voice that I can only describe as powerful. I was in the middle of a messy divorce, scattered, and living in fear. This voice was in the middle of answering a question, and what she said almost made me drive into
a ditch. I needed to meet her, and have her answer my questions, because I had a ton of them! My life was forever changed, by the solid support and unconditional love of Rebeccah.

She has guided me and my family to live our lives through love, connection, and purpose. While I was coaching with her, I made connections with other strong women, who still remain a huge part of my life. Rebeccah’s coaching also included my oldest son, Dylon, and her compassion and leadership continues to have a ripple effect in our daily lives and choices."

-Becky Plunkett

I am forever grateful to Rebeccah for helping me heal some very deep emotional scars.

"Several years ago, I attended one of her weekend retreats, and it was the best gift I ever gave myself. It was a very intense weekend, and I was able to completely focus on my emotional well-being in a safe, peaceful setting. 

During one session, I experienced a major breakthrough with regard to my son, who died in a tragic accident when he was ten months old. Needless to say, I felt broken, depressed and hopeless. I had no idea how much guilt, pain and sorrow I had been suppressing deep within my soul for decades. 

Working with Rebeccah that weekend was life-changing. Although mentally exhausting and, at times, gut-wrenching, it was 100% worth it. I will never be able to thank her for the work we did that weekend. I also have continued my wellness journey with Rebeccah in the years since the retreat."

- Linda Stewart

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