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Rebeccah's Personalized Coaching Packages

Immediate Relief

90 Minute Session

In just 90 minutes, you'll dive deep and emerge transformed. This session is your shortcut to breakthrough, tailored for those who need results yesterday. Ideal for anyone staring down a make-or-break decision or obstacle, this is your move. This is the no-brainer support you've been waiting for.



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Total Transformation

Transformative Two-Day Journey

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with Rebeccah's two-day intensive. This package offers deep, life-changing exploration and accelerated growth, ideal for those ready to dive deep into their emotional landscape and emerge with clarity, direction, and renewed purpose.



Total Transformation Now

1/2 Day Life Lift

Four-Hour Deep Dive Session

In just four hours, experience a profound shift. This intensive session is designed to provide rapid insights and strategies to address your most pressing challenges. Perfect for those seeking a quick, effective breakthrough to overcome a specific issue or decision.

Life Lift Now


Fall in love deeper than ever before.
Experience an extreme marriage makeover.

Ignite the spark, keep the flame: your dream marriage awaits! Dive deep into our Couples Intensives and experience a radical transformation that goes beyond the surface. It goes beyond traditional marriage therapy; it's a soulful journey to a love that stands the test of time.




Authenticity, Alignment, and Freedom await for everyone in your family.
Imagine living in a home where you get to be yourself and where everyone gets to be themselves.

Our Family Intensives aren't just sessions; they're a roadmap to rediscovering the joy, connection, and love that make a family whole. Leave behind the struggles and step into a life where authenticity and unity coexist, enriching each other.



1 On 1

Get back to the truth of who you are - set yourself free.
Fearlessly live, love, and lead with the healed version of you in charge.

Unlock your limitless self: your breakthrough is one decision away. In our 1:1 Coaching sessions, we peel back the layers of doubt, fear, and insecurity to reveal the authentic you that's been waiting to shine. It's not just about fixing what's broken because you are not broken; it's about awakening what's amazing within you so you can live, love, and lead like never before.

Rebeccah Silence transcends the role of a traditional coach; she's your navigator in the complex journey of emotions. Acclaimed as the Top Emotional Healing and Relationship Coach of 2022 by REDx Magazine, Rebeccah stands out in her field with an innovative approach to emotional healing. She is celebrated for her profound ability to facilitate swift and significant transformations, guiding her clients to fundamentally reshape their lives from within.
If you're a high achiever who's excelled in your career but find your personal life isn't matching up, Rebeccah's one-on-one coaching is tailored for you. It's for those who know they deserve a life rich with joy, fulfilling relationships, and the kind of love they've always dreamed of.
Rebeccah's approach goes beyond mere improvement; it's about catalyzing a deep, lasting transformation across every aspect of your life.
Imagine infusing the same success and vibrancy you've achieved professionally into your personal connections and emotional well-being. This is your opportunity to elevate not just your career but to create a harmonious, deeply satisfying life.
You are ready to embrace this enriched, balanced, and joyful existence!

Rediscover Your True Essence and Create the Life of Your Dreams

This is what you get after doing intensive work with Rebeccah:

  • Personalized Deep Emotional Healing: Experience healing tailored to your unique story. Dive deep into your specific struggles with Rebeccah's expert guidance, paving the way for profound and lasting transformation.
  • Customized Strategies to Break Free from Old Patterns: Receive one-on-one guidance to identify and break free from personal emotional traps, unhealthy relationships, and limiting beliefs that have restricted your growth.
  • Intimate and Authentic Connection: Develop the skills to build and maintain deeper, more meaningful relationships. Learn how to foster trust, respect, and emotional openness in a personalized setting.
  • Individualized Self-Care Plans: Get custom self-care strategies that resonate with your personal emotional and psychological makeup, enhancing your well-being and resilience.
  • Focused Clarity & Direction: Receive laser-focused, one-on-one guidance to navigate life's challenges, tailored specifically to your life circumstances for a more fulfilling personal and professional journey.
  • Bolster Your Confidence: Empower yourself with confidence and self-assurance through personalized coaching. Tackle life's hurdles with a newfound strength and poise.
  • Access to Exclusive Tools & Resources: Benefit from a curated selection of tools and techniques, handpicked and refined by Rebeccah over two decades, to specifically cater to your personal journey.
  • Invaluable Expert Guidance: Leverage Rebeccah‚Äôs extensive experience in human behavior and emotional healing, ensuring you‚Äôre receiving top-tier, expert advice every step of the way.
  • One-on-One Support System: Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated coach. Rebeccah's direct and empathetic support throughout your journey ensures a deeply personal and transformative experience.
  • Tangible, Measurable Results: Witness significant growth and positive changes in your emotional health, relationships, and overall quality of life, all within the personalized context of one-on-one coaching.

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Transforming Lives: Hear from Those Who've Journeyed with Rebeccah

My work with Rebeccah is invaluable. 

"I didn’t realize the paradigm I was in with negative self talk, playing out the drama triangle, attracting people and things into my life that didn’t serve me. 
I was judgmental, resentful and critical of myself and people around me. I was stuck and depressed. I didn’t know there were more possibilities in my life to explore.

My energy has changed. I love myself now and radiate that love to others. I feel free and more energetic. All my relationships have changed for the better.  I’m leading in my life for once.  
Life is good!"

 -Michelle Klosek 

Book Your Life-changing Immediate Relief Session Today

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Her ability to help us knock down our walls that were keeping us from connecting with each other was absolutely amazing. 

"Marriage is hard work and at times you feel stuck and want to grow your marriage, but don't know exactly how to do it. We thought the only answer was to get a divorce, but after talking to Rebeccah Silence about our stale marriage, she offered a life-changing opportunity for us at a time when it was do or die. 
My husband and I agreed to go ahead and participate in a couple's intensive facilitated by Rebeccah.  It was a weekend of magic.  Her ability to help us knock down our walls that were keeping us from connecting with each other was absolutely amazing. I'm honored to say that we celebrated our 20 year anniversary this year and now have the tools to help us communicate not only when times get tough, but in moments of joy and success."
-Lisa & Brian Briggs 
"I learned how much we are all connected, sharing pain in different ways. This was another huge step in my wonderful journey. I learned how to overcome self-destruction".
"After this, I'm raising the bar. On the spot, healing was way more beneficial than ever before. I'm leaving showing the world the real me. I want everyone to experience this".
"I was more powerful and more connected because of other participants and the community. I learned how to just start being who I want to be, my highest self".

You're not just a click away from another consultation. You're on the brink of a transformation that will bring your dreams into reality. 

This is your moment to claim a life so vibrant, so fulfilling, it eclipses even your wildest dreams. Every fiber of your being yearns for this level of liberation and actualization. So, what are you waiting for?

Step fearlessly into your extraordinary life. HEALING IS POSSIBLE¬ģ

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