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Escape Your Pain; It's Time to Heal


Learn how to free yourself from suffering for good – regardless of trauma or circumstances – a new sense of well-being and satisfaction awaits.



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It's possible to get to a place where you experience the best of you.

"Rebeccah will tell you that you deserve to live your BEST life, and it’s true! If you let her, she will take you by the hand and guide you to a place of healing and wholeness. Her amazing enthusiasm, wisdom, clear direction, and helpful tools will help you to gain the confidence you need to keep moving through your feelings and emotions. You will find an amazing sense of freedom on the other side, and Rebeccah will stay right with you through it all!"
- Suzie
"What can I say? It really REALLY works. I resisted doing the work with her for as long as I could, but I finally relented and let her help me, and the results are life changing"
-Max Gerson
"I am free. The number one best thing I have done for myself".

What you get in The Emotional Survival Kit

Most traditional solutions make healing through trauma daunting and normalize the idea that it must take a long time. They are based on the false belief that situations and circumstances must change or be exactly correct before healing begins. Also, this model can only take people so far in understanding their feelings, behaviors, and coping skills.

The Emotional Survival Kit provides that opportunity to take you out of your situation, whether they’re stuck in your mind, the past, big emotions, or you are living in trauma and hell right now. The course gets you out of that trauma and into yourself again so you can access new possibilities and miracles that can become a permanent new reality.

The most important day of your life is waiting for you. It’s the day you meet, understand, and fall in love with yourself again. That day can be today. Join me as I walk with you out of survival mode and into your life the way you’ve always imagined it could be.

Here is what you will experience as soon as you press play:  


Breakthrough Experience #1: Commitment.

Have you ever begun a healing process and got stuck? Do you worry that you won’t finish the process, follow through on your commitment, or that it won’t last? I know these are common challenges and fears, so we begin with this module where I show you how to create lasting change. I will teach you my tricks to learn how to commit in a way that you never have before. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping a commitment, this module is a must. 

(Valued at $499)


Breakthrough Experience #2: Living.

Have you been feeling like you have nothing to live for recently? Or do you find yourself just going through the motions? If you’ve been stuck in survival mode for far too long, this module is your way out. And if you have been wanting to find your purpose but don’t know where to start, watch this video. The processes I teach you here will get you on track to finding your own personal definition and experience of fulfillment. 

(Valued at $499)


Breakthrough Experience #3: Impact.

As John Mayer says, are you endlessly stuck in a cycle waiting for the world to change? This module is here to interrupt that cycle. You have more power than you know, and I will show you how to start using it today. This module will show you how to feel better today even without a single thing changing in your life. 

(Valued at $499)


Breakthrough Experience #4: Feel.

Are you often overwhelmed by the emotions you experience? Do you feel like you don’t even know what to do with all the feelings that arise within you? This module may be the most important and practical video that you will ever watch as I teach you how to handle and process any emotion you experience, knowing that you will be safe and sound on the other side. After watching this video, emotions will no longer be your enemy or the monster hiding under the bed but a gift that actually moves you in the direction of true happiness. This module is guaranteed to drastically improve your quality of life. 

(Valued at $499)


Breakthrough Experience #5. Trust.

Do you suffer from trust issues, whether trusting yourself, trusting life, or trusting other people? Do doubts and fear slow you down anytime you try to move forward and make progress? This module will help you build a powerful foundation of trust no matter how much you’ve been hurt in the past. You really can have a life where you trust yourself. Trust is available in all situations and circumstances, and after this module, you will know how to stay in trust no matter what. 

(Valued at $499)


Breakthrough Experience #6. Confidence.

We all have moments in life where we are triggered, thrown off, or shaken by something around us. But these moments don’t have to derail our happiness, health, or success. The simple truth is there is a cost to being stuck; if you let life derail you, again and again, you will not be able to experience what you desire and deserve. You don’t have to be stuck or stay stuck. This module will give you confidence and the inner knowing that you already have the tools to move through anything. 

(Valued at $499)


Breakthrough Experience #7: Time.

Are you worried you don’t have enough time for your own healing or that your healing will take too long? Are you afraid that you’ve wasted time, that you are behind, or should be further along by now? This module will help you make peace with the past, create time in the present, and find the unique advantages of exactly where you are on your journey. Your life is yours, and it’s time to finally start living it your way. 

(Valued at $499)


Also included in your course:

The Emotional Survival Kit Workbook, with practical exercises for each course lesson.

(Valued at $999)

Emotional Emergency Toolkit, with meditations and paradigm shifts to help you when new challenges arise. 

(Valued at $499)


When you get the Emotional Survival Kit you will also get these amazing bonuses: 

Video bonus. Director’s Cut: Extended Teaching to Help You Stay Committed on Your Healing Journey. 

(Valued at $499)

Beyond the Healing: Your 13-Week Accountability Workbook to Implement Lessons, Integrate Growth, and Make Wholeness a New Way of Life. 

(Valued at $999)


All these at an unbelievably discounted price for a limited time. 

The Emotional Survival Kit includes:

  • Rebeccah's seven-part emotional healing process.
    • Breakthrough Experience 1: Commitment. (Valued at $499)
    • Breakthrough Experience 2: Living. (Valued at $499)
    • Breakthrough Experience 3: Impact. (Valued at $499)
    • Breakthrough Experience 4: Feel. (Valued at $499)
    • Breakthrough Experience 5: Trust. (Valued at $499)
    • Breakthrough Experience 6: Confidence. (Valued at $499)
    • Breakthrough Experience 7: Time (Valued at $499)
  • Practical tools and exercises.
    • Emotional Emergency Toolkit, with meditations and paradigm shifts to help you when new challenges arise. (Valued at $499)
  • Course digital and printable materials. 
    • The Emotional Survival Kit Workbook, with practical exercises for each course lesson. (Valued at $999)
  • Course Bonuses
    • Video bonus. Director’s Cut: Extended Teaching to Help You Stay Committed on Your Healing Journey. (Valued at $499)
    • Beyond the Healing: Your 13-Week Accountability Workbook to Implement Lessons, Integrate Growth, and Make Wholeness a New Way of Life. (Valued at $999)

Total value $6500


Special Offer: $599 


Get The Emotional Survival Kit

This Course Will Help You...

  • Know what the next right step is for you. 
  • Trust yourself.
  • Experience peace, freedom, and certainty no matter what's going on in your life at the moment. 
  • Learn how to break lifelong patterns that have you feeling stuck or stressed in any way.
  • Get direct access to the part of you that knows exactly what you want and become the person who gets it. 
  • Practice self-care, your way, so you can honor, respect, and love yourself in any and all moments. 
  • Find a new sense of inner calm, peace, and clarity that will help you know what the next right step is for you, one hundred percent of the time. 
  • Get direction on what you want to do with the next level of your life. 
  • Know that you were brave enough to open up, look at your life, keep what's working, and discard the rest. 
  • Stop feeling threatened by anything or anyone again. 
  • Conquer anxiety and depression or anything that feels bigger than you can handle. 
  • Discover your power and get the certainty that nothing outside of you is more powerful than you.
  • Experience life the way you always imagined it could be. 


Healing from trauma and your past is not about protecting yourself from the pain or numbing it out. Healing means you can fully live and enjoy your one precious life. 

Through this course, you will learn how to set yourself free. You will learn how to genuinely be happy and in control over your one precious life.

Escape your pain; it's time to heal.

You don't have to be stuck in stress, your past, or trauma.

A Painful Past Need Not Influence Your Future

It’s possible to get to a place where you experience the best of you, no matter what. Where you love who you are, mistakes, flaws, and all. Where your happiness doesn’t depend on your circumstances or the results you create. 

That’s the practice of emotional healing. 

When you are emotionally healed, you experience a level of joy and peace you never thought possible.

The memories and feelings that have haunted you for months, years, or even decades, will suddenly be gone. You’ll find yourself slowly getting free from anxiety and worry, until you get to a place where you can be fully yourself, enjoying life as it is, no matter what comes your way. 

Emotional healing is a simple practice.

It doesn’t take long to learn it. But it does require commitment. Its success depends on your discipline and willingness to apply its principles on a daily bases. Then you’ll see the changes. 

I developed The Emotional Survival Kit Course for you after healing myself emotionally from trauma including a childhood full of abuse, a domestic violence marriage, and cancer. I bring more than twenty years of experience working as a mental health professional coaching the most intense cases heal and helping hundreds of thousands of people heal with my methods.

I am absolutely certain that this course works. It goes beyond understanding or transmitting knowledge, it helps you LIVE it. If you are brave and follow these simple steps, you will get the relief, results, and clarity you’ve been longing for. 

Take control over your life faster than you can imagine. 


Get The Emotional Survival Kit

Have you ever felt this?


You are tired of feeling sad. You are no longer willing to spend your life silently suffering with a smile on your face.

You’ve had or have success, but it’s never been enough to fill that damn void. You’re desperate to stop feeling anxious and depressed, and you pray for relief. You've tried everything under the sun, every course, retreat, or method, without experiencing lasting change. Here’s the good news, nothing is wrong with you. Your sensitivity is beautiful. You can feel free and get free no matter what you’ve gone through, faced, or are currently going through. And you aren’t alone.

You’ve wanted a sign. Here it is—a key to becoming the master of your emotions and the true leader of your life.

It’s about time that you belong to you again. That you fall in love with your life again. I’d love to guide you back to you, so you can learn how to see the world through your own eyes instead of through the lens of other people’s perceptions and unhealed emotional wounds. It’s time to reinvent yourself and your one precious life.

I used to wake up with dread; my nervous system didn’t begin to calm down until I turned 40. I used to tell people I felt and was half alive.

I’ve been there. Trauma. Abuse. Divorce. Bankruptcy. Life as a single, bulimic, broke, anxious and depressed mom trying to survive my way through life wasn’t good enough. So I learned, grew, and got it together and had everything I ever wanted. And then, I got pregnant again and received a life-threatening cancer diagnosis. It wasn’t fair. I decided the only way through was to master my emotions. I took on and took back my life. I understand how you may feel.



Get The Emotional Survival Kit

About Rebeccah Silence

Rebeccah Silence is a speaker, coach, and international media personality. She’s impacted hundreds of thousands of listeners through her radio programs and appearances.

It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant that she walked the very roadmap she would soon create for others. It was out of this experience that she created the HEALING IS POSSIBLE movement that helps others heal from their own traumas.

As a certified world-class Emotional Healing Coach, Rebeccah is uniquely qualified to help others achieve their breakthroughs to wellness and transformation. She does this while inspiring hope and showing what’s possible – even in the most challenging of times. She is best known for healing heartbreak, and her clients frequently tell her that she brought them back to life.


"Rebeccah, THANK YOU for seeing, hearing, and welcoming me to share my journey with your beloved Healing is Possible community! Healing is Possible is a wonderfully sacred reminder of our innate power...It is an invaluable container for anyone with the audacity to believe they can have the new life they deserve!" - Toy Holmes
"I am very thankful that I have Rebeccah in my life. It has been through working with you that I have been able to turn my life around and have been living my life by my dreams and goals, from a place of strength instead of fear!" - Bethany
"Rebeccah is so authentic and powerful" - Jennifer DeForest
"am connecting with myself again, with clarity of my journey. I love personal growth. I learned how to see my part and how I created my own challenges. No challenges once I got here! One more layer opened up. Soft and strong, Rebeccah delivered graciously".
"Now I can feel my feelings and take my space in this work. I learned to give myself permission to heal".
"So many people have larger trauma than you can imagine, and now I have never felt more connected to myself and women. I'm confident and fulfilled. It is beyond life-changing. I feel everyone should experience this".
"After this, I'm raising the bar. On the spot, healing was way more beneficial than ever before. I'm leaving showing the world the real me. I want everyone to experience this".
"I wanted freedom from the heaviness, and I learned how to uncommit from the shit and my challenges".
"I was more powerful and more connected because of other participants and the community. I learned how to just start being who I want to be, my highest self".
"I learned how much we are all connected, sharing pain in different ways. This was another huge step in my wonderful journey. I learned how to overcome self-destruction".

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Not sure if this course will deliver? It's ok. I am absolutely certain my system works. That's why I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

If after completing the course you don’t see a benefit to the work you’ve done, you can get a full refund. 

My only condition is you send us proof that you went through all the course lessons and homework.


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