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So,  what is The Emotional Survival Kit Course all about?

Rebeccah Silence is more than just a coach; she's a guide through your emotional landscape. Honored as the Top Emotional Healing and Relationship Coach of 2022 by REDx Magazine, her unique approach to emotional healing sets her apart as a true innovator in the field. Known for her ability to create instant, life-changing results, Rebeccah empowers her clients to transform their lives from the inside out.

"We truly believe and agree, after completing The Emotional Survival Kit course, that it was the best investment into our lives moving forward that money could ever buy."
- Diane

Release the old patterns holding you back in life and relationships, and stride boldly into a life of true freedom and fulfillment. With proven techniques, this course guarantees lasting transformation. Are you ready for your breakthrough?



From Silence to Strength: My Journey to Emotional Healing

I know what it feels like to be lost, adrift in a sea of emotional chaos. There was a time when even though I was a successful high-achiever, I was caught in a cycle of toxic relationships and self-destructive behaviors. From growing up in an abusive home to facing domestic violence in my own marriage, my life seemed like a never-ending spiral of pain. But here's the thing, I always knew deep down that there was more to life, a better way.

I had my wake-up call during my time working in a psychiatric hospital and later, a rehab facility. I realized that so many people were suffering not because they were broken, but because they lacked the right coping mechanisms—the tools to heal and grow emotionally. That was my light bulb moment. I decided to dedicate my life to understanding the human psyche, and after years of struggle, learning, and investment in my own growth, I finally found my true calling as an Emotional Healing Coach.

But life didn't stop happening. Just when I thought I'd reached a point of stability, I was hit with a cancer diagnosis while pregnant with my second child. It was my personal and spiritual rock bottom, but also my greatest teacher. I leaned into the same emotional healing techniques that I teach today, and I came through it—stronger, wiser, and more aligned with my purpose.

Now, I want to share these life-changing tools with you through The Emotional Survival Kit Course. If I can reclaim my life and rediscover the joy of living, so can you. Trust me; you're stronger than you think.

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What you get as soon as you press play:


Deep Dive Experience #1: Unshakeable Commitment

Hey, have you ever kicked off a journey of healing or growth and then... fizzled out? Maybe you feared you wouldn't finish or make lasting change. This is your safe zone to ditch those fears. Building on the work you've done with the Aligned Intimacy Method, I'm gonna show you how to cement your commitment like never before. Ready to be unstoppable?



Deep Dive Experience #2: A Life Unveiled

Feeling like you're stuck on a hamster wheel of existence but not living? Let's get you out of that rut and into your life's purpose. This isn't about going through motions—it's about defining your truest sense of fulfillment. The life you're dying to live? We start building it here.



Deep Dive Experience #3: Ripple of Influence

Frustrated because you feel powerless to impact the world around you? Stop waiting. You’re a force, and I’ll show you how to harness that power today to make the difference you've always wanted to. Feel good now, not someday.


Deep Dive Experience #4: Embrace the Feels

Ever felt flooded by your emotions, like they're enemies? What if they were actually your allies? I'm going to teach you how to navigate through any emotional storm and come out smiling on the other side. Emotions become your compass, not your chaos.


Deep Dive Experience #5: The Trust Code

Got trust issues? Whether it's with yourself or others, this is where we build your fortress of faith. No more letting past hurt sabotage your future. You'll walk away knowing how to trust—come what may.


Deep Dive Experience #6: The Core of Confidence

Life throws curveballs. But what if you could catch 'em all and throw 'em right back? Here, you'll gain the resilience and confidence to navigate anything life throws your way. You’ve got this, and I’m going to show you how you already have all the tools you need.


 Deep Dive Experience #7: The Gift of Time

Ever lie awake worrying about running out of time? Let’s debunk that myth. We're going to align your timeline with your life's purpose, so you can quit worrying and start living. Time's on your side, and I'll prove it to you.

These amazing BONUSES are also included in your course:

The game-changing Emotional Survival Kit Workbook, with practical exercises for each course lesson.

Emotional Emergency Toolkit, with meditations and paradigm shifts to help you when new challenges arise. 

Director's Cut: Extended Teaching to Help You Stay Committed on Your Healing Journey. 

Beyond the Healing: Your 13-Week Accountability Workbook to Implement Lessons, Integrate Growth, and Make Wholeness a New Way of Life. 

This Course Will Help You...

Unleash Your Inner GPS

Why settle for what you think you can get, when deep down you know what you truly desire? I’ll guide you to that untapped part of yourself that's been waiting to be heard. Become the you that effortlessly attracts what you want.

Master the Art of Soul Care

Forget cookie-cutter self-care routines. Here, you'll discover how to love and honor yourself in your own unique way. So that every moment becomes an act of self-respect and self-love.

Unlock Crystal-Clear Insight

Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? I get it. This is your roadmap to unshakable clarity. Imagine knowing exactly what steps to take next—because now you will.

Ignite Your Life Spark

Get ready to feel not just better, but fully alive. This is about transcending "fine" or "okay" and tasting what it means to live your life in vibrant color.

Break Your Own Chains

No more feeling trapped by your past, your fears, or your hesitations. Learn how to set yourself free, and trust me, it’s more liberating than you’ve ever imagined.

Discover Your Happy Haven

Tired of chasing elusive happiness? Stop chasing. Start living. Here's your blueprint to not just momentary joy but sustained, authentic happiness. Welcome home.

Cultivate Unbreakable Bonds

Ever wonder why some relationships stand the test of time while others crumble? Unlock the secret to forming and maintaining relationships that not only last but thrive. Your connections will go from fragile to unbreakable, enriching your life in ways you've only dreamed of.

Unlock the Power of Emotional Transformation:

Experience a course that doesn't just scratch the surface but dives deep into emotional healing to unlock your true, powerful self.
Crafted by survivor and award-winning Emotional Healing Coach Rebeccah Silence, The Emotional Survival Kit goes beyond cliché tips and offers a proven roadmap to becoming your truest self.
Through our unique method, you'll dismantle the automatic survival personality you've unknowingly developed since childhood, clearing the path for profound, lasting transformation.
This isn't just another course; it's an invitation to reclaim and rediscover YOU.
Are you ready to ditch old patterns and step into a life of freedom and fulfillment?
Your best life starts here.

From Surviving to Thriving: Our Clients Speak Their Truth

"I am connecting with myself again, with clarity of my journey. I love personal growth. I learned how to see my part and how I created my own challenges. No challenges once I got here! One more layer opened up. Soft and strong, Rebeccah delivered graciously".


"Rebeccah, THANK YOU for seeing, hearing, and welcoming me to share my journey with your beloved Healing is Possible community! Healing is Possible is a wonderfully sacred reminder of our innate power...It is an invaluable container for anyone with the audacity to believe they can have the new life they deserve!"
- Toy
"I am very thankful that I have Rebeccah in my life. It has been through working with you that I have been able to turn my life around and have been living my life by my dreams and goals, from a place of strength instead of fear!"
- Bethany


"I wanted freedom from the heaviness, and I learned how to uncommit from the shit and my challenges".


"What can I say? It really REALLY works. I resisted doing the work with her for as long as I could, but I finally relented and let her help me, and the results are life changing"
“Gaining clarity and peace in my life has led to a leadership style of empathy and genuine connection that has proven to be the key factor in developing multiple high-performing teams.”
- Mark
"Now I can feel my feelings and take my space in this work. I learned to give myself permission to heal".
"Rebeccah is so authentic and powerful."

- Jennifer
"I am free. The number one best thing I have done for myself".
Ready for lasting transformation?
Buy "The Emotional Survival Kit" to unlock your true, powerful self. It's more than a course—it's your pathway to freedom and fulfillment.


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Money-Back Guarantee

Not sure if this course will deliver? I am absolutely certain my system works. That's why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If after completing the course you don’t see a benefit to the work you’ve done, you can get a full refund. My only condition is you send us proof that you went through all the course lessons and homework.