Coming Back to Life

A Roadmap to Healing from Pain to Create the Life You Want.

By Rebeccah Silence

"How you feel is 100 percent based on how healed your past is. You never have to feel powerless again – and that's a promise."

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Praise for Coming Back to Life


Coming Back to Life is the book that the world needs at this moment. It will illuminate what has been invisibly holding you back and give you a clear path to feeling good and getting what you want. If you are ready to release the suffering and step into possibility, Rebeccah is here as a trusted coach, guide, and friend to take a stand for your healing. The spiritual medicine offered in this book will open your heart, transform your pain, and give you a whole new relationship with life itself. You will be moved by Rebeccah's incredible story, inspired by the inner reflections she offers you, and changed by the journey she leads you through in this powerful work. The world is about to be deeply moved by Rebeccah's gripping testimony of coming back to life - make sure you don't miss the miracles waiting for you inside!” 

-Stephen Lovegrove, America's Life Coach, T.V. Host. 


Coming Back to Life is a must-read if you’re ready to take your life and power back. Rebeccah's story will help you connect to your story and uncover the patterns that have been blocking you. She provides real solutions to feeling better about any past traumas and offers us hope-filled possibilities that are absolutely life-changing.

- Heather Burgett, award-winning publicist & visibility expert


In Coming Back to Life, Rebeccah Silence shares her gut-wrenching challenges and miraculous overcoming; lovingly imparts wisdom and insights born of experience as a world-class healing leader, and offers unique and powerful tools for you, me, and us to grow better. I’ve known Rebeccah for a long time. She longs for a world of love and dreams coming true, realized one act, person, or relationship at a time. With this writing, she gently but firmly encourages us to “heal thy” trauma and pain so that we commit to living our “most inspired life.” I wholeheartedly recommend this book—and taking its advice to heart. 

Ken Streater, Best-selling author of “Be the Good” and “The Gift of Courage.”

Coming Back to Life has been recognized as one of the top ten self-love and self-worth books by Best Ever You Magazine.

"When people connect to their own inner healer, believing that healing is possible, they can reinvent themselves and find freedom. This book is a roadmap to find the way there. Now more than ever before, the world needs healing. Mindset work and inspiration are not enough to help people heal. Millions of Americans are self-medicating, suffering from mental health diagnoses, and are not getting the support that they need to function and lead healthy lives."


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