Happy Mother's Day! Let's Celebrate What it Means To Be a Woman Today

celebration Dec 08, 2023
Rebeccah Silence

Hello, it's Rebeccah Silence, creator of HEALING IS POSSIBLE with a special message to the Moms, the women, and men that nurture kids and all lives that we come into contact with.

Mother's day is a day to reflect on how important love is.

In my opinion, there's no greater gift to my life than the gift of being a Mom. Neither of my kids was planned. I wasn't ready to be a Mom. And each of my children has saved my life.

My oldest made me a woman who decided it was time to stand on her own two feet so that I could support her as a single Mom when she was only two. Me having my first daughter (who is now sixteen) was my motivation to get my master's in counseling. And quite honestly, to get my shit together. I wanted to be a woman that she would be proud of.

I wanted to take good care of us, and I wanted her to have a life that was easy and full of love and support. Has it been perfect? No, but she's given me a level of motivation to be my best that nothing else in my life has given me.

My second baby was a wake-up call that I had cancer and had a lot of work to do emotionally to get rid of any cancer that I was participating in. Mental cancer, emotional cancer, financial cancer, tolerations, not speaking up, waiting, avoiding, and the list goes on.

My second baby gave me the gift of meeting myself and becoming the version of myself that is a dream come true. Quite honestly, today I get to live how I want to live, be who I want to be. This family that these two girls have provided me with is a dream come true. And of course, I wouldn't have the ability to be the Mom I am without the support of my sweet husband. Mostly I just want women today, and anyone reading this, to hear me say your best is enough. Thank you for caring so much. Thank you for giving so much.

To the women that have led, inspired me along the way, and mentored me along the way from my Mom, to my Sister, to Aunts, to sister Barbara Staropoli: my voice teacher in college, Heather Steele: a mentor of mine, Carol Reynolds: also a mentor of mine, and my best friends. So many I could go on and on.

Thank you to the women that show up every single day and lead your families, your communities, and your workplaces. There's something so special about being a woman. And I truly believe there's nothing more amazing than a fully expressed woman!

So, on Mother's day, I'm celebrating women and I'm thankful to the men that support us. What a gift it is to be alive and to have the ability to nurture love, relationships, and family.

Let's celebrate what it means to be a woman today.

Happy Mother's Day 2021!


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